28 September, 2005

testing testing

Again tooling around with the new toy.

I can't help but get the feeling however that, not only are my words unread, they are also unheard and unnoticed, but not at all futile.

Makes me get all filo-sophical: I believe that if a tree falls in a deserted forest, it nevertheless makes a noise. Therefore, if I speak, I nevertheless make a noise, even if no one is listening.

But: If I post, and no one is reading, what is then the case? What happens to words that disappear into the infinite space of ether?

These thoughts have doubtlessly occurred to many a blogger before, and I am by no means being original.

Anyways, I wanted to publish the picture I took that hasn't left my mind for some time. Is it possible to get addicted to looking at something? I want to look at it all the time.

I took it by accident, i.e.: I saw some bees crawling into some fuschia flowers in my neighbour's garden, and wanting to take a picture of a bee in a flower, I just stuck my camera near the target and pressed the button.

This is the result.

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