31 January, 2012

Living in a world of delusion and fantasy Noam Chomsky on modern attitudes and perception of Adam Smith's values

Where linguistics and economics interact:

An extra scene from the 2008 documentary: American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals. The 90 minute DVD contains 14 extra minutes of professor Chomsky. Here, Chomsky argues that the conventional notion of "invisible hand" is mistaken and that though worshipped by conservatives, Adam Smith is very rarely read.

It's funny how selective people's hearing can be. Funny how hypocritical people can be, and how much misinformation abounds in society today. How powerful words and ideas can be twisted and debased beyond all recognition.

"The talk about trade or free trade or entrepreneurial values or consumer choice or democratic functioning and so on, these terms are all demeaned. It's putting us into a world of delusion and fantasy."

05 January, 2012

Omioddio, UniDebito, che ridere...

Rights issue that they cannot sell... Looks like UniCredito might be paying the price for having expanded too quickly in the past decade.