13 November, 2012

New adventures in corporate life

After being laid off last June, I received a surprising call a few weeks ago from a recruitment agency, asking me back to the Big Bank that I worked for most recently. They asked me if I wanted to apply for a similar job at the same bank, and I said yes. I got called in for the interview, and was offered the job the same day, starting next week. I couldn't work Tuesday to Thursday, but I could Monday and Friday, so I went. I trained that Monday for one position, but when I came in on the following Friday, I was informed that the boss lady had given me an entirely different position and found someone else to be her EA. Did I want to be a Communications Specialist for their main IT department? I had no idea what that would involve, but I said yes. All this occurred about two months after I had finally made the decision to apply for a PhD and start on a career path in academics, which is probably the path best suited towards my personality and work rhythms. But communications also fits my personality as a known information spammer and town crier, so as far as corporate jobs go, I could be happy in this one.