07 August, 2007

Cocktail "Katy Zei"

Being the slightly egotistical person I am, I decided to name (patent?) a cocktail after myself. It's one of the few ways of becoming immortal in this world. Therefore, with no further ado, I present the cocktail "Katy Zei", with the alternative (Italian) spelling "Chettizzei":

1/3 Campari (quello bitter in bottiglia, non l'aperitivo nella bottiglietta triangolare)
1/3 Prosecco (o spumante secco/dry spumante/prosecco or brut champagne, quello che hanno al bar, insomma)
1/3 Orange juice/Succo d'arancia (preferibilmente spremuta, cioe' "freshly squeezed" OJ)

Buonissimo! I did a quick and dirty search on Google and didn't find a name for this drink, therefore I have baptized it myself.

Campari--prosecco--succo d'arancia
Campari--prosecco--orange juice