26 May, 2008

Interesting debate: should these divers pay for their rescue?

Interesting article. Considering the fact that couple got paid a cool million bucks for a newspaper printing their story, maybe they should pay.

But shouldn't rescue services do these things for free? I dunno.

I think that the couple should take the rescue crew out for a lavish dinner, buy them each a case of wine, and leave it at that. It would be a nice thank you pressie.

25 May, 2008

Grandi gli italiani!!! Bella Volterra. I gotta go to this restaurant...

...better than dining with Valentino Borgia!!!!! I hope the chef isn't incarcerated for poisoning somebody...

23 May, 2008

All Saints - Rock Steady

Haven' a saintly moment...

...comforting the disturbed, disturbing the comfortable...

all saints - black coffee

Cool, just figured out how to post videos.

I think this song was written or produced by William Orbit or something. I like it. It makes me dream..

I wouldn't want to change anything at all. ...

22 May, 2008

Great headline!!!!! Rock and Blue Eyes Top Billboards Chart

Sounds strangely... familiar....

Rock being rock'N'roll, blue-eyes being FranK the YanK.

19 May, 2008


It's interesting how people's true characters can be revealed in times of stress.

It's interesting how much no matter someone says that they love you, many (not all) will consistently think of themselves before they think of you, no matter how little it would inconvenience them to help you.

It's interesting how difficult it is to distinguish between true love and a heart that is locked up as tight as San Quentin.

It's interesting how you can't convince some people to learn when they don't want to. I guess some people just don't want to be happy and at peace.


16 May, 2008

Today's "And finally" is a classic

'Sup, Bra? Glastonbury, King Fu finger, and assorted mayhem.

15 May, 2008

OMG, that's gotta suck

Poor guy, five hours is a long time to be in the jacks' on a plane.

That doesn't say much for JetBlue's HR hiring process.


zeFISH! (2)
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Me kissing a corvo fish caught from the Black Sea. It was yummy. Martin is holding it.

me and miss piggy at "Otelo" restaurant in Adaje, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Great food!!! if you're in the area, go to the Otelo restaurant. It's a very steep drive, but well worth it. Go during the day, great view.

the clouds rollin' in on the corona forestal. tenerife


level cloud cover, far below us

that's a lot of pine trees.

nice mars-like colours

nice mars-like colours
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
this is near the place where Planet of the Apes and Star Wars were filmed.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

sun setting below clouds in Tenerife

sun setting below clouds
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
the white stuff on the right is cloud cover. the peaky-thing is the Teide volcano.

thousand-year-old+ olive tree

from one of the many famous olive groves around Ostuni, Puglia

Looks really sexy. I never thought I'd used the adjective sexy to refer to an olive tree. Go figure.

There are many legends about these trees. I don't remember precisely what they are, but supposedly these olive trees have the trapped souls of widowed women in them. Or something.

a little white bug

a little white bug
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
n the white city, Ostuni

nice little morning glory-type flower

one of several millions (probably) growing around Ostuni

sun dial

sun dial
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
cream on white, Ostuni

Masseria San Domenico, our hotel, one of the best small hotels in the world

this pool was fed by a natural seawater spring. dude. this was paradise.

surrounded by olive groves, gardens, and produce fields.


cool old guy

cool old guy
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
wish i knew how to take pix properly. anyways, it was a spur of the moment thing and he didn't like posing.

ostuni, italy

a white 500 in the white city

a classic italian car

cinquino!!!! cinquecento!!!! i might buy one of the new ones.... someday... when i decide where i'm going to live....

nice little road in Ostuni...

nice little road
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
...with a well-placed italian flag. Looks like a tiny caprese salad inside a massive architectonic mozzarella. Not sure what the blue is.... water?

me in my cute white dress at masseria san domenico

me in my cute white dress
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
This was at the party hosted by .. um.. . some Italian bank in the most beautiful hotel I've ever been to in my life. In Puglia, Italy. Masseria San Domenico. AWESOME!!!!

We all had to wear white, it being a "white party" and all. Some Very Important People were there that evening. The Italy-US soccer match was on and shown on a big screen. The food was amazing. The music was a tad cheesy though. Italians. Ya gotta lov'em.

L to R: Marzio, Georgia, Luca

Taken at Vanessa and Andrea's pre-wedding party, Como, Italy, June 2005.

Marzio just had to close down the mythical Train Blues Pub in Desio, Lombardy. Wain. Good times were had at the Train Blues.

Marzio is Luca's bf from schooldays. Georgia is a nice British girl who lives near Vanessa and Andrea. Luca is... Luca. Not sure what he is right now. Cute picture though. Georgia and Luca kind of look like siblings here.

St. John's Point, somewhere in north Ireland

nice sunset was going down and made pretty colours on the white lighthouse and stone fence.

divers trekking back from dive

don't like shore dives, we had to walk a long way from the cars to the dive site. good dive though. my first Irish dive!!! Sometime in 2005, I think....

turtle eye

turtle eye
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Cute little turtle... but watch your fingers. These ones snap.

moray strobe

moray strobe
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Banco Chinchorro.


Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Again, not menacing at all... but since it was the first shark I'd seen up that close, I do admit I was a tad apprehensive upon approach.


Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Most boring shark, evaaaahhhhhh

school of fishies

school of fishies
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
In Banco Chinchorro, Messico

interesting amoeba

interesting amoeba
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
In Mexico, Banco Chinchorro.


Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Ummm... I wasn't exactly 0.49 km away... I though that was funny for some reason but now I can't remember why.... haven't been to that site for a while. It's one of Generalissimo Ze Frank's site. Should try to find it some time....

sergey's son

sergey's son
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Kinda Good, Boys.

Yes, that's a KGB shirt he's wearing.

Back in the USSR

Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Cool plates, dude. Nice Lada. Great colour (barf).

Nice hair, not

Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
That thing that I'm resting on is what the guys used to get rid of the sediment so that we could find stuff under the seafloor.

It's known as a sea-scooter, and usually divers use it to get places underwater quickly. The Ukrainian McGuyvers used it as an archaeology tool.

I dunno if the coolie hat matches the improvised toga

Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Me at the beach party with the kids in Novy Svet, Crimea. They liked to play dress up. Really great kids and future archaeologists to rival Indy.

yalta bunny rabbits

yalta bunny rabbits
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
"Bunny rabbits" is the literal translation of "hitchhikers" in Ukrainian. I have no idea why. These are kids that were hitchhiking on the ferrry between Yalta City and Yalta Beach. Best tea I ever drank in my life I drank there.

Courtyard milan wo bin

Courtyard milan wo bin
Originally uploaded by Kaiserina
Okay, a flood of pictures coming up...

A very nice person at www.whatsdrivingyoucrazy.com photoshopped the green bin that was in the lower left corner of this pic for me.
Big improvement. Thanks!

Wow, I found my flickr account!

I had completely forgotten that I had already uploaded so much on there. Not necessarily everything, but quite a bit considering my lack of patience for uploading stuff.

I hope this works.


I hope I can eventually get more stuff up here. I'll take a "Computer Fun" holiday sometime, and just spend hours uploading everything I have on my home mojo.

14 May, 2008

Well, at lot can happen in a few days...

The ball was a blast. I was literally the last person out. They shut the front gates behind me.
Too many stories, too much to tell.
Vivir para raccontare... un giorno... prima o poi....

08 May, 2008


I kin hardly wait for the Trinity Ball tomorrow!!! Been preparing all week.

I wanna see Roni Size & Reprazent, among others. The link above is a song I used to dance to a lot. The video was filmed in my home town, T.O., and it's cool to see all the places that once were so familiar to me. Such an urban landscape that is now so foreign to me.

I like the magic egg timer. I want one of those!!!! ;))))

Step to the rhythm made out of brown paper.


Check this space for lots of pix of the ball!!!!! Prolly won't post them until Monday-ish though. Going with the history bunch and staying with L-Boogie (Laura B.) and Cristina, but might go to a party beforehand with Fred Walker and his sis, Virginia. Tuscan-Zimbabweans from Piombino who study Mechanical Engineering and Law, respectively.

My get-up is--dare I say it--gorgeous. Very sexy, yet very demure--kinda like yours truly (when I'm not locked, that is). Lotsa black and lotsa pink. Black corset, black thigh-high fishnets with PVC tops, pink culottes, pink bodice, swishy black skirt, black and pink guccis, black vintage gucci purse, and long black gloves. Hair up, not too much jewellery (I lost too much at the ball in first year), and a tan that I've been working on for the past week or so. I don't think I've ever looked so pretty in my life. It's a bitch to get into though. Pity the fool that tries to get me out of it. He'd better have a pocket knife and a pair of pliers handy.

06 May, 2008

Weapons Training!!! Jayyyysus I miss this thing...

C9: This baby is the bomb. Well, a gun, not technically a bomb, but you know what I mean...

I had the old early 90s version though, i.e. without the new sight. Dunno about that. The iron sight worked pretty well. Heh.


The M72 was good fun to fire. Good. Fun. Wow.


Read the last bit of the description. And people thought the Canadian Army didn't have a sense of humour!! The feckin' 48th sure as hell did. Hey, they took me in, they must have one.

HOLY HANDGRENADE, BATMAN!! Perusing the 48th's site, and they made Darling the CWO of the 32nd!!!!!!! I don't feckin' belieeeeve it!!!! They must really have a sense of humour. ...

OMG he was in Bosnia-Herz.... I guess we've both changed, quite considerably.

"Private Werry-Worden, get the fuck outta there before I bust your ass into forty-eight separate pieces!"

Big ups, Mr Darling.

This post shall remain nameless

Why, oh why, oh why do so many people--particularly the inhabitants of two countries located in on a continent in the north of the new world--tend to see things from such a negative perspective?

What prompted me is Google's "motto": Don't be evil.

Why put it in the negative like that? Why are they telling us what not to do? Why is it always no no no no no???? Why not just say: Be good?

I guess it's the glass half-empty/full thing, again. Blah blah blah.

This could be the most inane post I've ever made. Nevertheless, "publish post" is getting hit in five, four, three, two...

04 May, 2008

One day I'll go to New York

This is Alan's movie!!! It is the shit!!!! It is the bomb!!! Buy it and watch it, today!! Instead of that feckin' Ironman movie, dude. Bless the Northside New Yorkers, WORD!!!!!

Blast from my past

Fuckin' 48th!!!! DILEAS GU BRATH

Reminiscing about my infantry days. Dem were the days. I'm lucky I was a Highlander. Still am, maybe? Dunno. I guess once a highlander always a highlander.

Weapons training hasn't come in handy yet, thank God.

Thanks to Alan Cook and Ashley O'Neal for reminding me. And for the great day in Howth!!! Today was gorgeous. Went for a dip in the sea. Haven't been in the sea for ages!!! Really nice and cold; helped me heal my Gaelic football battle wounds.

Link for them comin' up...