16 September, 2008

Beethoven's 7th symphony in A major Op. 92.2 Allegretto

The drama, the drama...

For some reason the computers at school don't have winzip, so I can't send one of my favourite pieces of music to somebody via email.

I found a version of it online, and I might as well blog it.

This recording's not the best; I think they're playing it too fast and one of the horns is out of tune. Also you can hear the audience making noises in the background. Anyways, it's gorgeous so I hope you like it G!!!

Beethoven's 7th symphony in A major Op. 92.2 Allegretto

08 September, 2008

Second chances and taking them

I have no money, my future isn't the brightest, but I feel very lucky! I have been given another chance to do my old dissertation and get to re-do the previous years' exams at the end of May. This way I don't have to pay full fees at Trinity, and can devote more time to a) some sort of office job, and b) translating. There is probably no way I can save up enough in a year to be able to do my MBA right after I finish my undergrad, but hopefully I can work full time in Ireland after that, and if I still live like a student I WILL be able to do so.

I am also starting to blog again. Facebook still has its charms, but it's a bit too social for me. And since I'm getting back to being my old, introverted self, the blog thing is starting to appeal to me again.

In other news... I'm starting to get interested in helicopters.