29 June, 2011

BIS report out as of two days ago...

And I almost missed it.


This is a very interesting report to come out right now.

I have admittedly not read all of it, and I became aware of it only via the Economist. But I think the BIS should continue its path, and not waver until a more clear direction can be followed. Because at the moment, nobody knows where to go. I have a slight incling, but I am neither an economist nor a political science person, so... what do I know? Well...

This is my diluted, Economist commented viewpoint:

I don't think you can switch to the rules of the New New Economy overnight. A drip feed is still necessary, until new models emerge and people are able to make more sense of what is occurring right at this moment.

But by backing the proverbial straight and narrow, the BIS is indeed doing its job. That is what it is there for. To rein in whoever it feels needs be reined in.

I feel it is the ECB that needs to be reined in. It is the more politically invested of the two bodies, in that sense. But it has as its goal to preserve the euro, does it not? Or am I mistaken? And that is not necessarily what is best for the European economy as a whole, and as a political entity. It seemed like an excellent idea at the time, but it could not take into consideration the level of interconnectedness that the current world economy now has.

Obviously the BIS is involved in political economy. Do they really need to acknowledge that? It is already on the table, I feel.

... but what do I know... I am just a little person, an observer, and a critic. But one who cares deeply. And not for my own interest.

28 June, 2011

Argh, life issues, problems

My ex-boyfriend has hacked into my gmail and my facebook accounts. He is acting quite strange. It is strange to know that you're being spied on. At the same time, I don't really feel preturbed, and I am doing everything exactly as I normally would. It's just... a tad strange. I can't write to anyone about this, don't have anyone to talk with over here in Canada, and I have a feeling no one reads this -- especially not him -- so I am venting a bit here.

Pardon. I don't like to use this blog for personal things, but I am making an exception.

Jules. What. The. Feck. Stop it now, please. Thanks.

Never send emails to people froma a personal account who you think might be "dangerous" to you.

20 June, 2011

Today is World Refugee Day.

I have been going back to my old, over-facebooking habits, but today is a special day for me so it has propelled me back here.

I have a lot of thoughts about being a refugee. I would like to share them... I will ... eventually.

14 June, 2011

Population density and a VERY cool blog

This has me thinking about urban centres and how important it will be to utilise all the spaces in an urban environment, on the ground and in the air.

Amazing how much more dense Paris is than Houston. Amazing how vulnerable we will be... sorry, how vulnerable we are.

I'm glad I grew up in a city, and I'm glad that city was Toronto. But I want to live in the country. Fortunately, in Holland in the Randstad that's almost the same thing. At least, there I can live in the "country"...

A Good Day

I should really be sleeping right now.

But I have to say something.

I am so glad the Italian populace made yesterday and Sunday such an important day.

I am so glad that a part of me somehow knows that Berlusconi's reign is over, and it is only a matter of weeks before he is out of the Italian government.

Ma purtroppo... I've studied too much history to know that a vaccuum of power can be just as dangerous as a quasi-dictatorship.

My hope is in my friends. I know so many good Italians like Andrea, Manuel, Christiana, l'Ale, Giovanni, Camila, Paolo, la Fede, Barbara (especialmente te, cara, devi darti alla politica e non arrenderti mai), Carletto (si, dai, anche tu, sei rompi palle ma sei buono), la Steffi, Ettore e Frida, Mr Bumble (though we've never met, I trust Catherine), i Vadaz... the list goes on and on.

Like Manuel said, after my comment on how Italians can be so easily manipulated.... "Non tutti pero'."

The country that gave me life also gives me hope. And love. Agape pero', non Eros. Chi mi conosce veramente... e voglio dire, veramente... sa che cosa voglio dire.

Grazie. Grace. Peace. And a future. And the future is looking brighter and brighter each day. Every passing day is history. But some days are just historic.

12 June, 2011

BP's energy review in the Economist

BP was demonized for reasons we all know well, but I am glad to see their energy review is still on track.

Developing countries' use of coal is alarming. What can developed countries do to help wean developing countries off coal, when developed countries do not seem to be particularly enthusiastic in weaning themselves off oil?

Salient points:

Energy demand tends to fall faster than GDP when things go wrong, and grows faster when the situation improves. That is because energy responds to changes in investment, industrial production and transport, which rise and fall by more than the economy as a whole.

This helps explain why energy consumption handily outstripped 2010’s 4.9% growth in global GDP. But there is also a structural change at work. Economic activity is growing faster in developing countries, in general less efficient energy users, than in developed ones. Even if global GDP were static, this shift would increase consumption.

Growth in developing countries is the main reason why coal consumption rose so much. The wealthy countries of the OECD still consume more oil than the rest of the world, but non-OECD countries use 69% of the world’s coal—two-thirds of that in China. This is a big part of the reason why energy-related carbon-dioxide emissions have been growing even faster than energy use. In 2010 they grew by 5.8%—the highest rate since 1969.

07 June, 2011


Words that have inspired me to no end.

Thanks Fred!!!!!! See you in Montreal maybe.... or in the Crimea somewhere, who knows. ;))))

GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! more to come. posting on the fly.