07 August, 2007

Cocktail "Katy Zei"

Being the slightly egotistical person I am, I decided to name (patent?) a cocktail after myself. It's one of the few ways of becoming immortal in this world. Therefore, with no further ado, I present the cocktail "Katy Zei", with the alternative (Italian) spelling "Chettizzei":

1/3 Campari (quello bitter in bottiglia, non l'aperitivo nella bottiglietta triangolare)
1/3 Prosecco (o spumante secco/dry spumante/prosecco or brut champagne, quello che hanno al bar, insomma)
1/3 Orange juice/Succo d'arancia (preferibilmente spremuta, cioe' "freshly squeezed" OJ)

Buonissimo! I did a quick and dirty search on Google and didn't find a name for this drink, therefore I have baptized it myself.

Campari--prosecco--succo d'arancia
Campari--prosecco--orange juice

30 April, 2007

Translation hell

The past few days have been entirely dedicated to the biggest translation job I've ever taken on. More than 50,000 words in about 10 days. It's not usually humanly possible, but fortunately I have lots of reference items and stuff. Two more days to go and I'm well on top of things. Starting to get carpal tunnel tho... must do something about that.

I'm also going to try to upload a little banner on this site, though nobody ever looks at it. Maybe I can start doing something serious with this space, who knows.

ciao ciao,

03 March, 2007

Hardcore historians

Ummm... really like to upload my essays so that people can copy and cite from them, but don't quite know how. I thought I could add attachments to posts. Guess not. Guess I have to copy and past the entire things in a single post....

21 February, 2007

This quiz makes me seem like a very zen person

You scored as Mystic. You are a Mystic. Practical magic isn't really your thing; you much prefer to take the inner roads to self-development and spiritual evolution. You find ecstasy in meditative silence and commune with the divine without aid of any church or religious leader to guide you. You will seek the light of heaven in your own way, even if that way is not apparent to the casual observer.



True Alternative








White Lighter


Aimless Eclectic




What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
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18 February, 2007

Ray's inspiration song

Is the Man getting you down? Feel trodden-on? Depressed? Somebody pissin' you off?

Then watch This:


You cannot fail to feel better after you watch it. Impossibile!!!

You're welcome,

ZeFrank re-discovery, my letter to Beppe


I have recently rediscovered renown web arteest Ze Frank, and I found the web publication of the letter that I wrote to Beppe Severgnini, renown Italian journalist.

Therefore, I would like to spread the lurve, even tho NOBODY reads this page.

You're welcome.