25 April, 2006

La Primavera aka Spring hath Sprung... watch out for flying springs

Since I just subscribed to the Irish Blogs listing, to comme- morate this I'd like to post a pic that I took at last year's Ireland-Italy world cup soccer qualifying game. I call it "la curva cattolica", the Catholic Corner. Check out the Italian and Irish flags. They're so similar. I wonder which one came first? It's funny that I'm practically an atheist, and I end up living in two of the most Catholic countries in the world. Go figure.

A few beautiful, moderately sunny days here in Dublin, and hormones are flying high. It's funny how many lobster faces you see around the city; a little sun can cause a lot of damage to delicate Irish complextions.

At the college all the kids are hooking up and getting distracted enough from their studies just enough to risk failing exams. Beware the secret studiers! I don't know why non of the students here will admit to studying. I know they do it, because otherwise there wouldn't be any graduates, and every fall at convocation there are plenty joyous faces framed in funny flat hats with tassels milling about in the front square, making all us still-undergrads very, very jealous.

I guess though that if you study it means (to Irish students) you're not brilliant enough just to know huge amounts of information off the top of your head, which we all know is just not humanly impossible; hence no one ever admits to studying.

Personally, I am in the doo-doo if I don't start cramming soon....

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