30 April, 2008

Happy Onomastico to me!

Today (or yesterday, depending on which calendar you use) is St. Catherine of Siena's day.

She's not the Katherine who I was named after (that would be St. Katherine of Alexandria, whether or not she really existed); but I like her because she's from Siena and was an inspired--and prolific--writer.

From her letter to Gregory IX:

"I tell you, sweet Christ on earth, on behalf of Christ in Heaven, that if you do this, without strife or tempest, they will all come grieving for the wrong they have done, and lay their heads on your bosom. Then you will rejoice, and we shall rejoice, because by love you have restored the sheep to the fold of Holy Church. And then, sweet my father, you will fulfill your holy desire and the will of God by starting the holy Crusade, which I summon you in his name to do swiftly and without negligence. They will turn to it with great eagerness; they are ready to give their lives for Christ. Ah me, God, sweet Love! Raise swiftly, father, the banner of the most holy Cross and you will see the wolves become lambs. Peace, peace, peace, that war may not delay that happy time!"

The other St. Katherine's day is on Nov. ౨౫థ్.

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