10 March, 2009

Oh dear

I forgot I even had this thing. Not that anyone reads it. Not being defeatist, just truthful.

I've moved into a great place with some really nice people in a fantastic part of town. Ya-hoo. My life is going pretty well, exams are coming up, and I'm almost done my degree. Yee-haw.

I like being on my own, and I don't really miss my ex-boyfriend (the real one) that much. I went to visit him and go snowboarding, but there wasn't any spark or feeling of loss. I'm actually quite relieved.

I do miss having someone in my life, however. I like caring for people, and even though I find it hard enough just taking care of myself, I'd love to cook for someone and take them to interesting places and have fun with them.

I should get a dog.

1 comment:

Chez said...

Well some of us still read it (even have a subscription!).

Where are you living now then? Glad to hear you're almost through with the degree. I'm back on another course, German language this time, though no work on the go sadly.

And here's one more vote for the dog. They're more trustworthy.