30 May, 2011

On blog posting/blogging/whatever the trendy terminology is these days

I have been gradually refining my blogging into something that I am happy with. It started out as a personal blog, that I would pick up every once in a while and post whatever I felt like. Totally random.

Then at the beginning of this year, I realised that I was annoying the hell out of my Facebook friends by posting so many articles on stuff I liked. So I stopped posting so much political stuff (though I still do... can't help it, I'm a bit of a news junkie) on Facebook and started posting the "non-fun/more serious" stuff here.

Now however, I think I would like to try to re-post articles less, and actually comment on what I am reading more. Try to think and analyse things a bit better before I just spam spam spam and blah blah blah till the cows come home.

I think I will actually start to say what I think more.... but I am going to think more BEFORE I say it... or at least try.... cuz that's all we can really do. Try, and try again. And even when we think we've finished and solved whatever problem, and we think it's time to rest on our laurels and enjoy life a little more.... that's exactly the moment that we should try harder, and try again.

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