28 June, 2011

Argh, life issues, problems

My ex-boyfriend has hacked into my gmail and my facebook accounts. He is acting quite strange. It is strange to know that you're being spied on. At the same time, I don't really feel preturbed, and I am doing everything exactly as I normally would. It's just... a tad strange. I can't write to anyone about this, don't have anyone to talk with over here in Canada, and I have a feeling no one reads this -- especially not him -- so I am venting a bit here.

Pardon. I don't like to use this blog for personal things, but I am making an exception.

Jules. What. The. Feck. Stop it now, please. Thanks.

Never send emails to people froma a personal account who you think might be "dangerous" to you.


bryanf said...

Well, I read this. Sounds odd. Time for new passwords?

Katy Zei, Katherine Zei said...

Nope. I tired that already. Didn't work.

Hi Bryan, nice to see you here. ;)))