14 August, 2011

I think perhaps perchance I just had an apple fall on my head...

You know all these "mental disorders" that everyone seems to have these days?

Could it just be evolution?

Could it be,
That our technology,
Has rapidly become part of we?

Could it be...

Reference: http://www.economist.com/node/18925787
I read it just today.

"THE unrelenting pace of scientific accomplishment often outstrips the progress of moral thought, leaving people struggling to make sense, initially at least, of whether heart transplants are ethical or test-tube babies desirable."

I too have always been concerned about the same thing. It has stalled my progress in life, simply because I am rather an adbuctive thinker, and I can see how technological advances can have unintended negative consequences, even when the inventors have noble intentions in mind. Look at Albert. He didn't want the nuclear bomb. But it happened.


How fast are we evolving? Why do I get along much better with children or people younger than me, than with "adults"?

Hmmm.... more on this later.

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