06 July, 2015

Varoufakis is the closest thing to a hero I have

This article in today's Gardo pretty much says it all.

"He is a man who walks like he talks, and that talk is open. This is so unlike the secretive deals usually made in airless rooms in Brussels. Here is a politician acting on his beliefs. He will be remembered not for his style, but for his substance. He faced down the automatons by insisting the Greek people should no longer be punished. And his people were with him. He refused the Eurocrats’ parameters and secrecy. He spoke with decency, and not in code. He is not afraid of the word “collective”."

Love that guy. AND he rides a motorbike!! Nuff said.

Congratulations, Greece, for choosing the short term pain/long term gain option. Back to the Drachma, or forward to the Bitcoin if you really want to be ahead of the game! Rev up tourism and exports, neglecting your shipping, and you'll be find. Cheap vacays in Greece again, whoot!

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