10 June, 2016

Who the hell are you people??????

All of the sudden, people are reading my blog. This thing has been dormant for absolutely ages. Who is reading this, and why?? I'm a pretty boring person -- at least, I think I am. Whelp, I don't know why you are here, but please post comments. Years ago, my comments box got invaded by a bunch of Chinese people. Very weird, and initially I thought they were spamming for internet points or invisible monetary reasons, but I found out later that that was not the case. Even experienced minor Chinese internet celebrity for a while, much to my total ignorance and mild amazement. Yes, that was an intentional oxymoron. Don't know who you are, but you're probably not in China right now. You're probably the summer interns at my work. And if so, please be aware of the kind of behaviour that is and is not appreciated by the EAs on the trading floor. If you're not sure about what that might be, just ask someone. Always better to ask first -- never, ever be embarrassed to ask questions. And please, for the love of everything that is good in the world, don't use fricking Verdana as a font; it is the least ecologically sound font around, and THANK GOD it is no longer our official font. Trebuchet, all the way. And find out what a trebuchet actually is. And to the person who dumped a tampon into the toilet today: I am on to you. Don't do it again. Ever. Read the sign that I posted in the loos. Because I will pull a Samuel L. Jackson on you if you do it again.

On a more positive note, I think that there is tons of potential amongst the group of interns that we currently have, and am looking forward to seeing some of you on a permanent basis! God knows we need more young people. If you're smart, you'll learn how to use all MS Office applications like the backs of your hands, and will continue being the polite, communicable, honest, confident, and team-worthy people that you ostensibly are. Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Can't speak for all your readers, but some of us are the shadows from your past, reactivated any time there's activity on your RSS feed. ;-)

Amy said...

I am a traveler in blogger land. Love your post title. Made me laugh and I needed one. I hope I get to write a post like that in 10 years. My title will be "Those were delayed comments".

Mike said...

I hit 'next blog' & yours came up.
This is a functionality of blogspot for those who don't know.
Anyway, yeah... "Sic Semper Verdana"
Bye from random internet blogger guy

Kaiz said...

Félix. Sharrington. Kendall. Ik mis jouw!!!! My NL is still way better than my DE. 😀

Kaiz said...

Best. Title. Ever.

Kaiz said...

Hi and bye, internet blogger guy!!!😁