19 May, 2008


It's interesting how people's true characters can be revealed in times of stress.

It's interesting how much no matter someone says that they love you, many (not all) will consistently think of themselves before they think of you, no matter how little it would inconvenience them to help you.

It's interesting how difficult it is to distinguish between true love and a heart that is locked up as tight as San Quentin.

It's interesting how you can't convince some people to learn when they don't want to. I guess some people just don't want to be happy and at peace.


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Katy Zei, Katherine Zei said...

This post was about my ex-boyfriend, Luca Grande, one of the saddest men in the world and a greatly dishonest man, a liar, a fool, and a waster of my time. He will pay, if he is not already paying. All that he holds most dear will be taken from him in this lifetime. Hey Katy Zei.