08 May, 2008


I kin hardly wait for the Trinity Ball tomorrow!!! Been preparing all week.

I wanna see Roni Size & Reprazent, among others. The link above is a song I used to dance to a lot. The video was filmed in my home town, T.O., and it's cool to see all the places that once were so familiar to me. Such an urban landscape that is now so foreign to me.

I like the magic egg timer. I want one of those!!!! ;))))

Step to the rhythm made out of brown paper.


Check this space for lots of pix of the ball!!!!! Prolly won't post them until Monday-ish though. Going with the history bunch and staying with L-Boogie (Laura B.) and Cristina, but might go to a party beforehand with Fred Walker and his sis, Virginia. Tuscan-Zimbabweans from Piombino who study Mechanical Engineering and Law, respectively.

My get-up is--dare I say it--gorgeous. Very sexy, yet very demure--kinda like yours truly (when I'm not locked, that is). Lotsa black and lotsa pink. Black corset, black thigh-high fishnets with PVC tops, pink culottes, pink bodice, swishy black skirt, black and pink guccis, black vintage gucci purse, and long black gloves. Hair up, not too much jewellery (I lost too much at the ball in first year), and a tan that I've been working on for the past week or so. I don't think I've ever looked so pretty in my life. It's a bitch to get into though. Pity the fool that tries to get me out of it. He'd better have a pocket knife and a pair of pliers handy.

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