06 May, 2008

Weapons Training!!! Jayyyysus I miss this thing...

C9: This baby is the bomb. Well, a gun, not technically a bomb, but you know what I mean...

I had the old early 90s version though, i.e. without the new sight. Dunno about that. The iron sight worked pretty well. Heh.


The M72 was good fun to fire. Good. Fun. Wow.


Read the last bit of the description. And people thought the Canadian Army didn't have a sense of humour!! The feckin' 48th sure as hell did. Hey, they took me in, they must have one.

HOLY HANDGRENADE, BATMAN!! Perusing the 48th's site, and they made Darling the CWO of the 32nd!!!!!!! I don't feckin' belieeeeve it!!!! They must really have a sense of humour. ...

OMG he was in Bosnia-Herz.... I guess we've both changed, quite considerably.

"Private Werry-Worden, get the fuck outta there before I bust your ass into forty-eight separate pieces!"

Big ups, Mr Darling.

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