05 March, 2011

How transparent is Shell? Would country-by-country reporting solve anything?

Another dream job (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it) would be at Shell, helping them in CSR projects and helping them disclose their information in such a way so that they wouldn't be completely vilified by the public. I guess I'm biased, because I live in Holland, but I think Shell and BP really try hard to walk a fine line between supplying people and industries with the drug they needs (oil) while trying not to mess up the world for the rest of us and make everyone hate it. I can't really say what the other oil companies are like, but the American ones I have very little hope for. But hey, the great thing about Americans is that they can do a 180 turn on a dime, and change completely in a moment. About certain things.

I think Peter Voser is acting in good faith, and if he thinks that he would violate laws in some countries where it has operations, then he probably would be.

But many of those laws could be regulations set up to protect corrupt regimes. And Shell of course wants to stay and do business in the countries where it has operations, so of course it doesn't want to give corrupt gov'ts a legal basis upon which to kick them out and find a more co-operative oil extraction partner (read: partner in crime, basically).

I think Shell should work more closely in co-operation with gov'ts.... to change them. I think corporations are powerful tools for good as well as for profit. I think that a company's share prices should go up and down not only according to their margins and earnings and potential for earnings... ahhhhh.... I just had an inkling of what I think might be an original idea, but it flashed out of my head as soon as it flashed in!!! Argh, hate it when that happens.

Anyways, today it's not gorgeously sunny as it was most of this week, but I gotta get going with WORK!!!!

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