10 March, 2011

Military Ranking Defence Budgets

Saudis on top, no surprise there. But will they be able to keep up with the technology race? If they throw enough money at it... maybe. But will the money they have be worth anything?

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Chez said...

Well, their military technology comes almost exclusively from the US and France. I guess the excessive size of their budget reflects the sheer amount of military hardware they keep running. It would've been interesting to see a statistic for the proportion of military personnel to total population, in addition to the bare figures.

Kinda skewed that only 'big budgets' were included in that list, hence no appearance of Israel at the top of the list. I read somewhere recently that despite heading the world rankings for military expenditure in terms of GDP, 2010 was a record even for them! And in comparison to Saudi Arabia's military expenditure, Israel really has pumped a lot into local defence technology outfits.