28 December, 2010

Back on the civilised side of the Pond

No link for this post, just observations. I somehow made it back from YYZ to AMS without a hitch, despite a layover in Heathrow (I have lifted my boycott of Heathrow now that terminal 5 is up -- MUCH better security and immigration checks than previously, MUCH easier to get on a connecting), and despite blizzards in NYC and other places close to Toronto. Was a teary goodbye with the folks in TO, I've never missed them so much.

Came home to a completely random Crimbo tree with about a million lights and 2 decorations on it, a PS3 with Red Dead Redemption (pretty good but controls are a bit wonky) and GT5 (deeeadly), and new speakers with a woofer I've only ever seen at concerts and nightclubs -- massive new sound system with bass tones that I think might actually bring down the whole centre of Hoofddorp with the vibrations it causes. Hoofddorp's in a tizzy still because of the snow; no one shovelled their sidewalks, so now everyone has to walk on the bike paths, which in NL is a crime punishable by, well, getting run over by a bike. The roads are cleared too, so it's just the pedestrians who are at risk. And it's riskier than people realise -- try walking on five centimeters of uneven, glassy-smooth ice.

It's strange to be back, but good to have a proper base... for now. Time to get lean and mean again, I am sooo looking forward to that! Get my lungs cleared out and my heart back in shape again. I want to swim in a pool while there are still pools in the world. Pools of water, not human waste. Sorry. But yes, it will indeed be good to be fit again.

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