18 December, 2010

Sooooo... re-vamp here (attempt no. 1)

I realize I've been filing up people's homepages to a spam-like extent on Facebook, especially with regards to newspaper articles etc. on environmental and financial issues, so I'm going to attempt to re-direct my enthusiasm to a less intrusive forum, one which will also perhaps more proficuous for me in the long term, and will also be more easily documented and accessible. Though this will not disseminate the information I wish on such a wide-ranging scale, I think that people are so bombarded with too many different kinds of data on FB -- from random musings, to where people are and what they are eating, to pictures and comments, to links for popular music videos, to serious issues that they are passionate about -- so I'd rather keep FB for the fun stuff (personal comments, pictures, entertainment interests) and use this as a forum for the more serious issues, or ones which should be considered by everyone with more rational thought.

So, I don't want to post just the vague ramblings and odd observations of my life, which are interesting to no one and embarrass me each time I see them. So I'm going to try to turn this site into a place where I post links from my friends on Facebook, and other links that I come across from my own web scavenging -- links that particularly pertain to issues that I am interested in and am following over time.

I will also therefore have to post on a more regular basis. I will start to get into the habit of using this site, and see where that takes me. I don't feel that the style issues are important, so I'm not going to bother changing the look of this place. I just want to start posting certain things here, if I can get into the habit.

Now I've been at the computer for too long and I have other stuff to do, so having said all that, I don't feel like posting anything serious right now.

Till later.

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Chez said...

Woah! A sudden splurge in your RSS feed. It'll be nice to read something here again in the future, especially for those of us who don't bother checking up on Facebook events too often.

Welcome back to the blogosphere =)