16 February, 2011

China Tech Ghengis Khan in the making

China china chinaaa ni hao ma wo hen hao ne ni bu ke chi wo ai ni xai jien gong xi fa choi wo mama se dai fu... and thus I have exhausted my Chinese.

I think it's time to learn it properly!!! I doubt I'll ever be able to learn Chinese as well as I know (knew) Italian, but it looks like a fun language so along with Spanish this year I want to improve my Mandarin.

Neither Google nor Facebook have been able to crack Chinese markets effectively on the same scale as they have in the ROW, so some powerful Chinese companies have done their own thing and now have enough cash to go shopping in the US. Fun!!! I wonder what Tencent's going to do with Riot Games, looks like a great combination!!! I wonder how much Riot Game's culture will change after the takeover. The Chinese would be smart if they left it alone, and set up a Chinese office of their own -- same technology, with some variations. Cool, if I had a few spare bucks I'd invest in these guys.

Xai Jien!

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