23 February, 2011

What the US really thinks of Italy

Yet another reason to hate Berlusconi, as if he hasn't given you reason enough.

It's pretty sad that Berluska has been kissing up to GW Bush and Obama for all this time, and this is how far his ass kissing has gotten him. Exactly nowhere.

I feel sorry for Italians, but then again, I got a message on my FB wall a few weeks ago, after posting some Rubygate-type articles, from an Italian friend (not the brightest bulb in the world, but a fun guy) telling me to stop posting all this anti-Berluska nonsense, that he's only being criticised "because everyone is jealous of him", and that I should "relax".

I guess people get the government that they deserve. But I know a lot of good, smart, really really hardworking people in Italy, and they definitely do not deserve this clown.

If I had a little more flexibility in my life right now, I'd copy Garibaldi's march down the boot of Italy to Rome, and mobilise Italian people to get rid of Berlusconi. A smart leader would appeal to Italian's sense of nationalism, which has always been subordinated to their sense of regionalism, to change the leadership in Italy. Berlusconi (and the 2006 WC) has done a lot to boost a sense of pan-Italianism, so maybe that would work.

I can't remember if I posted it or not, but Montanelli's comment that Berlusconi's Italy is the worst Italy he has ever seen -- and that coming from a guy who lived through Mussonlini's regime, and who once was told off/complimented by Hitler (can't remember which, think the former).

I really miss Montanelli. Heck, I really miss Italy today. I'm glad that I left in 2004 though.

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