15 February, 2011

Circular momentum

I started to do a little job search today, to look at what kind of jobs I could get with an MBA in CSR and finance/marketing/whatever at a place like Google, and the job list at the Dot Com was a bit meh... but then I found the Dot Org, which is MUCH more interesting, and it's funny cuz the dot org led me to the SKoll, which I have been reading for ages now. And on the Skoll site, I found what I think could be my dream job. This is my dream job, just in case anyone at Skoll is reading and wants to make me an offer.... NOT I'm soooo unqualified, not yet.

The link above goes to a response to the WSJ article "The Case Against CSR", a response by Charles Cameron which I should have posted here last year.

Soooo.. w/r/t a job,

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