15 February, 2011

Hiybbprqag the Mountweazel

THIS is such a fantastic headline I had to post it here...

Lillian Virginia Mountweazel... great name, sticks out in your head, and if you're a bit of a bookweenie and curious, makes you wanna look it up elsewhere to see if her fate -- dead “at 31 in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine" -- is real or not...

"If Mountweazel is not a household name, even in fountain-designing or mailbox-photography circles, that is because she never existed. “It was an old tradition in encyclopedias to put in a fake entry to protect your copyright,” Richard Steins, who was one of the volume’s editors, said the other day. “If someone copied Lillian, then we’d know they’d stolen from us.”"

In an era of re-tweets and rapid exchange of ideas, of search engine battles and information wars, how can you tell if someone's copying you? Add a Mountweazel.

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