13 February, 2011

Kudos to FT: Sustainable Finance Awards

I've always wondered about awards: why we give them to each other, why we place so much importance on them even when we know the voting's skewed, etc.

Business awards are a funny thing, and I don't know how much impact this will make, but it is undubitably a sign of the times.

The Financial Times and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today launched the FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards, a major global programme designed to recognise the institutions across the financial industry that have shown leadership and innovation in integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into their business.

The FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards evolve out of the FT Sustainable Banking Awards, which over five years established themselves as the world’s leading awards for banks and other institutions focused on sustainable development. The transformation of the Sustainable Banking Awards into the Sustainable Finance Awards reflects the major shifts that are taking place across the banking and investment community, which faces growing pressure to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into all levels of decision-making, from risk management and product design to actual investing and financing.

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